Next Car Club meeting – Dec 8th

Our next Club meeting is on Thursday 8th December at 8pm. These are sociable events in one of our member’s homes and venues are sent round by email. Meetings are every two months, and all members are encouraged to attend as often as possible.

If you are not a member but are interested in finding out more, you are welcome to come along to one of our meetings. Please contact us for further information.

We are open to new members

The Car Club has been so successful at greening the travel habits of our growing membership that car use is actually down – and we are therefore in a position to take on new members.

The club is a community-run organisation which allows access to a fleet of local cars on payment of an annual membership fee. If you only use your car two or three times a week, joining the club can be cheaper than owning one. Other members use the club rather than owning a second car. It’s a successful way of reducing cars on our streets, cutting costs, and developing a stronger community, all at once.

We suggest reading some of the information in our About section and then getting in touch.

Two new admin volunteers needed

The Car Club is looking for two energetic members to fill two important roles of Charges Administrator and Membership Secretary. We recognise that some people are simply unable to fill such a role, but we are sure that there will be others who who value the communal and voluntary principles of our car club so much that they are prepared to find the time and energy required – and will enjoy it!

Up until now, we have always relied on the dedication of a few members who have voluntarily managed all the essential administrative roles:

  • Charges administrators, currently just Caroline Davies. Thanks to Sue Perry for all the unacknowledged and uncounted hours you devoted to this role)
  • Fleet secretary, currently Carolyn Hattersley
  • Treasurer, currently Simon Scott
  • Membership secretary, currently Rebecca Semple who is valiantly handling membership tasks until someone steps forward to relieve her after five years’ invaluable and inspired work on the development of our club

We are not really looking for temporary help. It is much more helpful for people to learn the new role and then are prepared to keep at it for at least a couple of years.

If you can help, please contact Glenn, our Chair. If no-one comes forward we may need to consider paid help, but obviously this would affect the cost of the club.