How it works

After joining, it couldn’t be simpler to book and use a car! View the online diary and make the booking. Members can access the keys themselves 24 hours a day, and your bill will arrive at the end of the month.


Pay the initial joining fee (£20 per household) and your first year’s subscription of £72 (or set up a £6/month standing order) and agree with our T&Cs.


Log in to the online calendar and book your car.


Pick up a Car Club car from the local area, use it, and return to its parking space, filling in the log sheet with your name/date and time/mileage at the beginning and end of your journey


Refuel the car as and when is needed, leaving the receipt in the car’s log sheet folder, and you will be reimbursed by the Car Club (ie.this amount will be taken off your next bill).


Receive and pay a monthly bill by email, based on your own car use (see Charging Structure)